Call for Open Plenary Session Proposals

24th Annual VA Psychology Leadership Conference
VA Psychology: Leading in Challenging Times with Resilience, Hope, and Courage 

Co-Sponsored by APA, the Association of VA Psychologist Leaders (AVAPL) and APA Division 18-Psychologists in Public Service

Thanks for your interest in the plenary session. Proposals can be submitted for consideration for an Open Plenary Presentation.  Open Plenary Presentation proposal submissions are open only to VA Psychologists and Trainees. Please see the description below.  To submit an open plenary session at the conference, right click here and save this Open Plenary Submission Form to your computer's hard drive. Proposals should be submitted to the Poster Session Committee Chair, Kaela Joseph, PhD at and should attach a completed submission form to their submission.  The deadline for early consideration is Friday, March 5, 2021 and the committee will accept submissions on a rolling basis after that time.

Proposal Submission

We have an open plenary session that we will fill with brief (10-minute) presentations from our attendees.  We invite all VA psychologists and psychology trainees to consider submitting a proposal for a brief presentation on novel or innovative best practices for improving care for Veterans.  Topics may include (but are not limited to) treatment interventions for disorders for which we do not currently have evidence-based practices (EBP) in the VA, alternatives to VA EBPs, initiatives to increase access to or quality of healthcare, or lean projects designed to increase efficiency or productivity.  We will select three to five proposals for this open session.