Thank You for Attending the 22nd Annual VA Psychology Leadership Conference!

Thank you for attending the 22nd Annual VA Psychology Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas. We hope you found the conference valuable.

Your CE Certificates are available here. To quickly go to your certificate, click on the letter below corresponding to the first letter of your last name. Then, click on the link for your name and save or print your certificate. If you attended both the main conference and the workshop, there will be two entries for your name: one for the main conference and another for the workshopl The certificate is in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the certificate.

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Albinson, Lauren (main conference)
Albinson, Lauren (workshop)
Anderson Fortier, Erin (main conference)
Anderson Fortier, Erin (workshop)
Andrews, Erin (main conference)
Apple, Brian (main conference)
Arce, Catherine (main conference)
Arce, Catherine (workshop)

Bahraini, Nazanin (main conference)
Bailey, Katherine (main conference)
Batdorf, Wendy (main conference)
Batdorf, Wendy (workshop)
Bates, Jeffrey (main conference)
Bates, Jeffrey (workshop)
Beckwith, Sarah (main conference)
Beckwith, Sarah (workshop)
Birks, Anna (main conference)
Bischoff, Andrea (main conference)
Bivona, Jenny (main conference)
Bottoms, Jeremy (main conference)
Boyd, Jennifer (main conference)
Bradford, Adam (main conference)
Brenner, Lisa (main conference)
Brown, Jamye  (main conference)
Burden, Jennifer (main conference)
Burk, Jeffrey (main conference)
Burns, Andrea (main conference)
Burns, Andrea (workshop)
Byrd, Patricia (main conference)

Cannizzaro, Kaily (main conference)
Carl, Megan (main conference)
Carl, Megan (workshop)
Carroll, David (main conference)
Carter-Haith Jr., James (main conference)
Carter-Haith Jr., James (workshop)
Caskey, Nicholas (main conference)
Caver, Kelly (main conference)
Chandler, Helena (main conference)
Cherkasova, Elena (main conference)
Cherkasova, Elena (workshop)
Chicota-Carroll, Cammy  (main conference)
Clancy, Carolina (main conference)
Cohen, Jay L. (main conference)
Collie, Claire (main conference)
Cortez-Garland, Monica (main conference)
Creech, Suzannah (main conference)
Cyrus, Melissa (main conference)

Davis, Genevieve (main conference)
Day, Kristine (main conference)
Deloyski, Amy (main conference)
Denman, Jonathan (main conference)
Dollar, Katherine (main conference)
Dorritie, Mary (main conference)

Emsley, Tabitha (main conference)

Farrell-Higgins, Jonathan (main conference)
Fassig, Elizabeth (main conference)
Fassig, Elizabeth (workshop)
Fennell, Tiffanie (main conference)
Fennell, Tiffanie (workshop)
Fikkan, Janna (main conference)
Fisher, Mickie (main conference)
Fisher, Mickie (workshop)
Ford, Alyssa (main conference)
Foreman, April (main conference)

Gaither, Marci (main conference)
Garcia, Manuel (main conference)
Gironda, Ronald (main conference)
Graham, Gina (main conference)
Gresen, Robert (main conference)
Grogan, Jessica (main conference)
Grzelak, Carin (main conference)

Hedt, Jill (main conference)
Henderson, Peggy (main conference)
Holliday, Steve (main conference)
Howell, Robert  (main conference)
Hsu, Jeanette (main conference)
Hua, William (main conference)
Hubbard, Asale (main conference)
Hubbard, Asale (workshop)
Hunt, Marcia  (main conference)

Indest, David (main conference)
Indest, David (workshop)
Iwamasa, Gayle (main conference)

Jackson, Jamylah (main conference)
Jensen, Jina (main conference)
Johnson, Jodi (main conference)
Joseph, Kaela (main conference)
Justice, Vivian (main conference)
Justice, Vivian (workshop)

Kahler, Julie (main conference)
Kahler, Julie (workshop)
Kaler, Matthew (main conference)
Kalvels, Stacie (main conference)
Kalvels, Stacie (workshop)
Karel, Michele (main conference)
Kasch, Karen (main conference)
Kasey, Jennifer (main conference)
Kearney, Lisa (main conference)
Kearney, Lisa (workshop)
Kelly, Heather (main conference)
Kelly, Jennifer (main conference)
Kerr, Burton  (main conference)
Kerr, Burton  (workshop)
Klocek, John (main conference)

Lange-Altman, Tiffany (main conference)
Lemle, Russell (main conference)
Lemoine, Evelyn  (main conference)
Lemoine, Evelyn  (workshop)
Leskela, Jennie (main conference)
Lillard, Ivett (main conference)
Lindner , Gretchen (main conference)
Loftis, Chris (main conference)
Lohnberg, Jessica (main conference)
Lopez, Marcos (main conference)
Lovett, Steven (main conference)
Lucksted, Alicia (main conference)
Lucksted, Alicia (workshop)

Macobin, Brian (main conference)
Maieritsch, Kelly  (main conference)
Manuel, Jennifer (main conference)
Martin, Mike (main conference)
McCarthy, Megan (main conference)
McNamara, Kathleen (main conference)
McQuaid, John (main conference)
Mignogna, Joseph (main conference)
Miller, Matthew (main conference)
Miller, Nicole  (main conference)
Miller, Nicole  (workshop)
Moon, Andrew  (main conference)
Mullen, Kimberley  (main conference)

Nguyen, Huynh Mai  (main conference)
Nguyen, Huynh Mai  (workshop)
Nirschl, Kaitlin (main conference)
Nirschl, Kaitlin (workshop)
Novakovic-Agopian, Tatjana (main conference)

O'Donnell, Kathy (main conference)

Paradine, Amie (main conference)
Paradine, Amie (workshop)
Patel, Erin (main conference)
Perez, Dennis (main conference)
Perez, Dennis (workshop)
Peterson, Jennifer (main conference)
Pilchik, Dana (main conference)
Pollack, Stacey (main conference)
Pope, Brooke (main conference)
Posecion, Lainie (main conference)
Posecion, Lainie (workshop)
Potoczniak, Michael (main conference)
Powell, Kristin (main conference)

Ready, David  (main conference)
Ready, David  (workshop)
Richardson, Colleen (main conference)
Rinker, Josh (main conference)
Rinker, Josh (workshop)
Rislin, Jamey L. (main conference)
Ritchhart, Martina (main conference)
Ritchhart, Martina (workshop)
Roffer, Wayne (main conference)
Rosko, Charlotte (main conference)
Rowles, Joanna (main conference)
Rowles, Joanna (workshop)
Rubenstein, Jody (main conference)
Ruha, Allyson (main conference)

Sarma, Arti (main conference)
Schmidt, Eric (main conference)
Schmitt, Margaret (main conference)
Schmitz, Theresa (main conference)
Schumacher, Marianne (main conference)
Seim, Richard (main conference)
Shea, Mary Beth (main conference)
Shea, Steve (main conference)
Shiber, Nicole (main conference)
Shorter, George (main conference)
Shorter, George (workshop)
Smith, Clifford (main conference)
Smith, Timothy (main conference)
Smith, Tracey (main conference)
Sorocco, Kristen (main conference)
Sorocco, Kristen (workshop)
Spain, Sarah (main conference)
Stanczak, Elizabeth (main conference)
Stanczak, Elizabeth (workshop)
Stratis, Theodora (main conference)
Stratis, Theodora (workshop)

Uram, Nick (main conference)

Vair, Christina (main conference)
Varkovitzky, Ruth (main conference)
Varon, Samantha (main conference)
Varon, Samantha (workshop)
von Linden, Meghan (main conference)

Wall, Kristi (main conference)
Wan, Samuel (main conference)
Watson, Christopher (main conference)
Watson, Erin (main conference)
Weaver, Kendra (main conference)
Weaver, Kendra (workshop)
Wertz, Jessica (main conference)
Wertz, Jessica (workshop)
Wettstein, Barbara (main conference)
White, Erica (main conference)
Wilhite, Diane (main conference)
Winters, Jamie (main conference)
Wood, Jennifer (main conference)
Wray, Laura (main conference)

Ybarra, Miguel (main conference)
York, Kaki  (main conference)
York, Kaki  (workshop)

Zambrano-Vazquez, Laura (main conference)
Zapata, Slavomir (main conference)
Zeiss, Antonette (main conference)
Zeiss, Robert (main conference)