VA Psychology Photo History


Retired Psychology Leader Rod Baker (San Antonio) has compiled a collection of scanned photos of VACO and VA Psychology Chief/Leaders from 1946 to 2005 that he had acquired over the years. He has graciously agreed to share this project with AVAPL. Click on the picture below to open Dr. Baker's compilation in a "book" format.


To download your own copy of this document, click here to download an Adobe Acrobat file.

Tips for printing this document:

  • Use a color inkjet or laser printer, not a monochrome printer.
  • Use high quality color inkjet or color laser printer paper
    • Higher weight (27 lb. - 30 lb.)
    • Presentation (coated) matte paper works well
    • Change the printer settings to match the paper that is used

As an alternative, take the file to an office supply store and have them print the document for you. Be aware that this might be expensive.

Another alternative is to order the book in paperback form. The book can be ordered online from CreateSpace (an company) for $10 plus shipping and handling. The book is 8x10 inches in size, is professionally bound, and has a color laminated paperback cover in addition to the 48 pages of content. The book can be ordered by going to the following website: